Safety & Prevention

Preventive and protection service (SPP): (Art. 33 D.Lgs.81/08)

This is a team constituted by the responsible (RSPP), by consultants, the plant doctor and workers' representatives on safety, which:            

a) individuidentifies risk factors, assesses the risk

b) identifies the measures for the safety and health at the workplace

c) edits / processes, as far as on his competency, preventive and protective measures and control systems of these measures

d) edits / processes the security procedures for the various business activities

e) suggests informative programs and training of workers

f) participate in consultations regarding the protection of health and safety, as well as the regular meeting for prevention

g) provide workers with information about the risks, as required by law

Responsible for prevention and protection service (RSPP): Person having capacity and professional requirements suitable to the nature of risks present at the workplace and related to work activities, designated by the employer, to which he responds, to coordinate the prevention and protection service.

Plant doctor (MC): Doctor with special qualifications established by law, designated by the employer for the health surveillance and other activities as prescribed by law.

Workers' representative for safety (RLS) : Person elected or designated to represent workers regarding the aspects of health and safety at work.

Fire department or emergency personnel: Specially trained have the task of managing FIRE emergencies.

First Aid responders: Specially trained tasked to help in case of accidents.

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