Environment safety

Pursuing the highest compatibility between production and environment, ARGOMM S.p.A. draws inspiration from a concept of environmental ethic, ever present in the activities and in the choices of the firm. Such a guideline is based on the respect of the laws in force concerning Environment and Safety, as well as on the protection of the health of both its employees and of the population.

In the spirit of this principle, the firm has pursued, as main environmental aim, the accomplishment and the maintenance of an Environmental Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 14001 :2015 norm.

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Argomm S.p.A.
Armoltec S.L.
Plastic Division S.p.A.
Promag S.r.l.
Argomm Ro S.r.l.
RPS Technologies Ltd
RPS Technologies Inc
TVS Argomm Private Limited

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