Fuel Supply

ArGroup produced sealing elements that can be used in various positions along the fuel supply system. Among them, the fuel filler port. the tank itself, the delivery pump, the connectors, the high pressure pumps for the common Rail systems and the injector.
Special attention has been given to the development of materials for this delicate sector to ensure compatibility with both traditional fuel and those that have recently appeared on the market (e.g. diesel/RME mixtures, BluDiesel, oxygenated petrol), as well as full respect for the increasingly rescrictive norms governing emissions to the environment.

Of the more important sealing elements in this sector, there are the o-rings. ArGroup is also in a position to tackle high-volume production lots, guaranteeing maximum quality standards (for example the ISO 3601-3 Class S) even for materials that are not easily processed (reticular peroxide crosslinked FPM and FPM for low temperatures).

The widespread use of artificial vision systems permits 100% automatic control of the dimensions and the defects in o-ring of up to 59 mm external diameter.

ArGroup also offers a number of different production technologies consenting maximum freedom to the designers, in terms of shape and the materials used in the production of the components.
Again in this area, the use of dual-component technology permits the development of efficacious solutions that can satisfy a number of multiple functions, in addition to the traditional sealing functions.

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