Air supply


Over time ArGroup has deveIoped specific expertise regarding the problems associated with perfect sealing and performance of the engine's air supply system.
This is a sector in continual expansion encouraged by dynamic collaboration with the clients to understand the functional requisites, and with the suppliers for the development of suitable materials. The supply sector cover the entire line of the "air" system, in particolar:

• Static seals for the filter box

• Seals for the connection

Seals for throttle body valves

Seals for intake manifolds

The production technology available to ArGroup permits the manufacture of components in a variety of shapes to satisfy a wide range of functional requirements. Form time to time, molded or cut from sleeves seals are proposed.
There is an increasing use of multi-material solution where a rigid support is over-molded with sealant components in vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber. The ArGroup production reality has all time in-house expertise and plant necessary for the completion of the entire manufacturing cycle.

ArGroup offers wide range of compounds and materials all conforming with the specifications of the principle "OEM" and "Tier1" regarding the European Automotive industry (compounds also colored on the basis of FPM, HNBR, NBR, MVQ, MFVQ).

Foe every application, ArGroup is in a position to offer an optimal solution, even in economic terms, taking into consideration the main thecnical parameters:

•  range of operational temperature

•  contact with fluids (feul, engine oil, blow-by)

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