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The localization of the production plant highlights the foundations and the Italian identity of ArGroup and simultaneously highlights the group’s ability to react rapidly to the needs of the international market.
From the very early days of activity, ArGroup was noticeable for its strong orientation to exports: in 1981, exports accounted for 60% of the turnover, this figure had increased to 79% by 1984 and at the time of writing 90% of the production is destined to the international markets. The European Union absorbs
approximately 72% of the production,countries outside of Europe absorb 12%. The merchandise is exported to 50 different countries.
The international dimension also depends on the outlet sectors for the production: 62.6% of the group’s turnover is linked to the automobile industry and the world’s most important groups in this sector,with which the Group has forged partnerships for product development.

The role of “Tier 2” entities and the position of key suppliers in the automobile production chain implicate the need to be geographically closer to the reference clients and their elective markets. This is also a requirement for the Industrial sector that accounts for 37.4% of the business. For ArGroup, this aspect of the company is also a response at the service of the client.
The manufacturing plants in Spain and Romania, and the design center in Germany satisfy the clients’ demand for market proximity in the emerging countries. It serves not only to increase the competition in terms of pricing, but also shortens the manufacturing chain thanks to project and expertise sharing. The relationship with the global groups necessitates world-wide representation and for this reason, presence in Asia and America is a short-term objective for ArGroup.


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