Key Datas

Consolidated Sales (Millions EUR)

102 Milion consolidated Year 2018

970 people in 3 continents

AR Group delivers its products to more than 50 countries. Production hits 1.5 billion parts delivered to 700 plants worldwide.

Sales breakdown by world region is led by Europe accounting for 72% (Italy 15%) followed by Asia with 16%, Americas with 11% and Africa with 1%
Export market is represented by MORE THAN 50 COUNTRIES and  75% of the turnover proceeds from the AUTOMOTIVE industry and its leading players.
ArGroup has been elected by as PREFERRED SUPPLIER and product development reliable partner in most case.

Group's Companies

Argomm S.p.A.
Armoltec S.L.
Plastic Division S.p.A.
Argomm GmbH
Promag S.r.l.
Argomm Ro S.r.l.
RPS Technologies Ltd
RPS Technologies Inc
TVS Argomm Private Limited

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